Leo with Love launches new ‘Layers’ collection

Jewellery brand Leo with Love has launched its new ‘Layers’ collection.

Championing shapes that fit together in innovative ways, the silver pieces combine a mix of “classic with extravagant”, for a collection that works for “any occasion, any outfit, any woman”. 

Each piece offers texture, structure and silhouettes not before seen in previous Leo With Love collections. 

Leora Moreno, founder of Leo With Love said: “In Israel, archaeologists are finding new buildings all the time, because layers upon layers of history was built on top of layers upon layers of even earlier history.

“When I visited there, the different styles, shapes, colours and textures inspired me to look at how this history could be translated into wearable art. Layers was born out of this complete cultural explosion and is all at once a collection that can beautifully intertwine with previous collections, whilst being perfectly independent of anything we have made before.” 

The collection is made using eco- or recycled- silver, incorporates a number of stones including blue agate in the ‘Gal Gal Ring’ (£80) and ‘Kalia Bangles’ (£50), as well as rose quartz or blue lace agate in the necklaces.

Bespoke pieces can be made to these designs with a range of other stones. Prices start from £20.

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