ChloBo releases exclusive bracelet for Irish customers

UK-based jewellery brand, ChloBo, has released an “exclusively designed” bracelet which will be solely available to its Irish clientele. 

ChloBo currently has over 40 stockists across Ireland and Northern Ireland, which it plans to “grow substantially” over the coming year. 

In recent years, the brand said it has built up a “fantastic reputation” with its Irish customers, both online and in-store, which it “only predicts to grow going forward”.

The exclusive “Key to Hope” bracelet, which will only be available in Ireland, features a silver key charm adorned with three hearts.

The brand said: “Traditionally, the key symbol is recognised as a good luck charm, and some say, ‘unlocking the door of the heart’.

“They have also been seen as good luck charms with three keys worn together said to unlock doors to wealth, health and love. If you give someone else the gift of a key, you’ll be lucky in love.”

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