De Beers Group launches e-commerce platform

De Beers Group’s auctions department has announced the introduction of a new scheme that will give registered buyers 24/7 access to diamond purchases.

The newly-launched ‘Buy platform’ will allow buyers to make an “immediate, direct and straightforward purchase” from a range of rough diamonds with a further purchase option in addition to the existing limited-time auctions offering.

The De Beers Group’s Auctions business sells around 10% of De Beers Group’s rough diamond supply, and will be using the new e-commerce platform to give its buyers additional flexibility.

New users will be able to select the products that they want to buy and add them to a virtual basket before completing the purchase at a virtual checkout. 


Once the purchase has been completed, users will be directed to an order confirmation page displaying the details of the order along with a unique order number.

Users can use keywords to search for products, and shortlist products based on popular product characteristics. The platform also features a ‘favourites’ page. 

Alastair Bickerstaff, head of product development and sales at De Beers Group Auctions, said: “We are constantly seeking additional ways of meeting our customers’ needs in a fast-moving world, and we are excited to launch the Buy platform as it will provide an additional easy-to-access channel for our Registered Buyers to source what they want and when they want. 

“We are especially pleased to introduce this additional flexibility for our Registered Buyers in light of the current COVID-19 situation.”


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