Maya Gemstones sees 23% rise in engagement ring sales

Jewellers have reported a significant increase in the sales of engagement rings during the lockdown period, according to Maya Gemstones.

Olga Pekarevskaia, the founder of the brand, said it has seen a 23% increase in sales of engagement rings during lockdown.

In addition, many of its customers are requesting the design in different metals and with different stones to make their piece “truly unique and bespoke”. 

She said: “As there’s a strong appetite for bespoke versions of our engagement pieces, we’re going to release an extension of the line ready for Christmas.”

It comes as research conducted by Maya shows that 40% of proposals take place Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

In light of this, the brand will be releasing new pieces towards the end of 2020, with colourways such as rose gold and pink sapphire, and black gold with salt and pepper diamonds.

Research also showed that consumers are investing in “higher quality, higher priced”, as well as more bespoke pieces that are unique. “They’re starting to veer away from traditional styles”, said Pekarevskaia.

According to the jewellery brand, more designers are also exploring sustainable options, using sustainable processes, packaging and ethically sourced stones in their pieces. 

In addition, consumers are also becoming “far more conscious of where materials have been sourced too, and are making more informed purchases”.

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