Diamnet partners with Swarovski

Diamnet has partnered with Swarovski to launch a new offering of laboratory-grown diamonds to retailers across the UK. 

Its latest range will be offered alongside its natural-mined diamond list. Its e-commerce platform “clearly states” what natural or laboratory-grown diamonds are available for approval upon request.

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Following the surge in popularity of lab-grown diamonds, the supplier will now work alongside Swarovski to offer a “huge stock” of the product, allowing retailers to “benefit from the fastest growing sector in the jewellery trade”.

In a statement, the diamond supplier said: “With the extremely high cost of stocking diamonds, the ability to call on diamonds to show a client before purchase has been a lifesaver for most jewellers. 

“This approval service has been tried and tested over many many years and Diamnet has over 100,000 Natural Minded diamonds for jewellers to call on for approval on their website.”

It added: “This same service has been almost completely absent when it comes to Laboratory Grown diamonds – until now. 

“With Laboratory Grown Diamonds about to explode in the UK, Diamnet has teamed up with Swarovski creating a huge UK stock specifically for this purpose. By working with Swarovski, Diamnet can now help UK retailers benefit from, what has to be, the fastest growing sector in the jewellery trade.”

News of the partnership closely follows news that Howard Levine, founder of Diamnet, has joined the London Diamond Bourse senior management team.

Levine has worked in the industry for almost 30 years, supplying jewellery retailers across the industry. 

Although he began his career by supplying pearls, Levine has worked exclusively with diamonds and diamond jewellery for the past 16 years. 

Speaking of his appointment, Levine said: “It is an honour to have been asked to join in the governance of our trade and with the ever changing landscape we face today, one I do not take lightly.”

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