How local jewellers are proving their resilience amidst Covid-19

As COVID-19 continues to affect people across the world, retail stores and shops remain shutdown and businesses continue to go bankrupt. For independent jewellery designers who are also faced with the same challenges, they have no choice but to look for other ways to earn revenue just like everyone else.

The future has become one big blur, unknown to everyone when the pandemic will finally end. Only one thing remains certain—Consumers are still looking forward to purchasing items online.

Taking that into consideration, below are some ways the shift caused by the pandemic has affected independent jewellery designers.

Online Selling is In-demand More than Ever

People affected by quarantines and lockdowns everywhere and still have access to the internet are looking for ways to stay connected. This also goes for sellers, retailers, and entreprneurs. Through the use of social media, even jewellers can benefit from it just by advertising their products online in hopes of attracting buyers again.

The act of reaching out to customers on a virtual platform allows them the flexibility and freedom to communicate with more people on a different level and acquire new relationships from digital interactions.

Strong Connections are Prioritised

As consumers proceed to spend their money online due to the prohibition of going outside, they have also learned how to budget their savings accordingly. Now more than ever do small businesses need to build stronger connections with their customers to assure the revenue they need to maintain to stay in the game.

Relying on brands, influencers, and recognisable names in the industry is also necessary to keep the promotion of their brands running. Focusing on individual clients also proves to become effective in times of crisis.

Consumers Want Items with Sentimental Value

The pandemic has given customers more reasons to purchase items that are made to last and will provide meaning into their lives. They’ve retreated to mindful spending to make sure they purchase things they won’t regret.

Independent jewellers who focus on selling local and authentic pieces online have added value to the designs they release because of their emotional significance to the buyer. Coming up with creative outputs proves to have its charm that seems to lure clients into buying.

There are More Opportunities for Profit

Selling products online has just sustained the desire of consumers to obtain things that are within an arm’s reach. It just proves that the internet has become a pathway for more accessible opportunities for sellers. They gain customers from across the globe who want to buy luxury goods from independent retailers.

There is Unity among the Community

Aside from maintaining their livelihood, business owners belonging to different industries have taken things into their own hands and decided to put up charities and auctions. They’ve begun splitting their proceeds, donating their profits, and giving it to those in need.

Different kinds of initiatives have been launched and funded by independent jewellers in hopes of gaining the sympathy of consumers because the products and pieces now hold a special cause. This also welcomes a bigger audience and a stronger connection between sellers and buyers now more than ever.  


Some countries who have proven better control of the situation have now loosened their grip, allowing people to slowly go back to their normal lives. Meanwhile, independent designers and entrepreneurs remain unsure about the next step to take. As retail stores are set to reopen, the future of small businesses remains unclear.  

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