Seized luxury timepieces to be auctioned by John Pye

More than half a million pounds worth of seized luxury assets, including timepieces from Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Omega, are now on the market through auction house John Pye.

The auction house is managing the sale of high value assets on behalf of proceeds of crime government enforcement and asset seizure, in a bid to offer the public a chance to purchase high end luxury timepieces at a “significantly” reduced price.

The collection is now live on its online auction platform, and will end on 22 October at 12:00pm.

Included in the lot is a Patek Philippe Nautilus in an original sealed box, which is due to sell for more than £55,000.

In addition, the Quentin Vertical Tourbillion Watch from Jacob & Co is due to sell for more than £40,000, while a Patek Phillipe Complications Chronography is due to sell for more than £31,000.

A Rolex GMT-Master and Patek Phillipe World-time Quartz Wall Clock are also available for bids. 

Adam Pye, managing director at John Pye Auctions, said: “This is the second proceeds of crime auction we’ve held since lockdown and they offer a savvy shopper or collector the opportunity to obtain some rare pieces at reduced cost.

“Within this collection, it’s the timepieces that really set it apart. From Patek Philippe to Rolex, Omega, and IWC, this auction has some unbelievable items for a collector of watches.” 

He added: “The auction is due to close on Thursday 22 October, so we’d recommend taking a look and making your bids sooner rather than later. Our final viewing opportunity on Wednesday 21 October is also worth attending as it really showcases this fantastic collection.”

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