HB Antwerp to receive 998 carat diamond

HB Antwerp is set to receive a 998 carat diamond that has been discovered in the Botswana Karowe mine.

When the diamond arrives the firm will analyse, plan and eventually cut the stone ready for consumer purchasing.

HB Antwerp is known for its diamond trade chain and uses technology to bring “simplicity and transparency” to the supply chain.

The company said its process is a closed circuit, supported by “innovative technologies and blockchain”, making the whole diamond process 100% transparent from the mine to consumer, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

The Karowe mine is known for its “exceptional” diamonds as this would be its second time this year that the mine has produced a diamond of more than 500 carats.

Last week the mine produced ‘Sethunya’, the 549-carat diamond that HB Antwerp will process for Louis Vuitton.

In addition to these two exceptionally large diamonds, 31 diamonds larger than 100 carats and 10 diamonds larger than 200 carats have already been found in the Karowe mine this year.

Margaux Donckier, communications and external affairs director at HB Antwerp, said: “This exceptional diamond of 998 carats, measuring 67x49x45 mm, will be analysed, planned and cut in Antwerp.

“Over the past few months, HB Antwerp has developed special technology to measure, laser and analyse these exceptionally large diamonds. This technology comes in handy right away.”

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