Carolina Bucci announces new K.I.S.S line

Carolina Bucci has announced the launch of its new K.I.S.S. bracelet and necklace jewellery line.

The jewellery is reportedly made from a single, sinuous coil of 18 karat gold that has been worked to create a “remarkably fluid silhouette”, with both flexibility and wearability.

For the larger bracelets there is a coil within a coil feature, represented in mismatched colours of gold, which the jeweller said was inspired by the “dual balance springs” in Audemars Piguet’s Double Balance Wheel movement.

The jewellery can be worn singularly, or stacked in combinations of different colours of gold.

Bucci is the fourth generation of jewellers founded in 1885 in Florence, Italy. The jewellery company has since grown due to a reported “combination of product, customer demand and brand strategy”.

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