A charmed effort from F Hinds and Macmillan

The high street chain raised the money across its 110 outlets across the UK, as well as its head office in Uxbridge, Middlesex, selling charms for the cancer support charity Macmillan.

The family-owned company also hosted coffee mornings across all of its locations, collecting donations for heart pins, key rings and Christmas decorations.

The charms were a product of partnership between Macmillan, F Hinds and Tingle London, and were sold as ‘Tingle Silver Strawberry Cupcake Charms’. All profits (£3,000) were added to the fundraising pot.

Director of F Hinds, Andrew Hinds, said: “The support that Macmillan provides is invaluable, and we were delighted to get involved. Grateful thanks also go to Tingle London who created the exclusive Macmillan charm and also donated their own profits.” 

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