Joshua James Jewellery reports website success

In a short space of time, the East Yorkshire jeweller has become a leading e-tailer with a showcase boutique store, three unique sites for specific target audiences, and a self-contained distribution centre.

The new jewellery site is one of a network of sites –,, and – which were launched by the company to expand into specific niches. “All three websites sell a vast and ever increasing range of mid-range fashion brands, with the emphasis upon remaining ahead of current trends and spotting what people are (or should be) wearing,” said Shaun.

“From our inception, we have sought to position ourselves at the forefront of the digital revolution. We are constantly innovating to keep the market moving forward. In doing so, we believe we have found a unique model for success.

“It’s been a rapid growth, but the key to our success has been to stick to our principles in becoming the leading national, non-traditional, hybrid online business. We see the next two years, and the second phase of our development, as critical in achieving that ambition.”

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