Christopher Ward and Bluebird team up

The iconic Sir Malcom Campbell went to see Maurice Maeterlinck’s play The Blue Bird 100 years ago and immediately decided upon the name for his racing car. Campbell went on to set many speed records but was tragically killed in 1967 when trying to break 300mph barrier on water.

The Campbell family have continued in the quest to break these records and hope to do so in 2014.

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The racing brand is marking its centenary by revealing its latest model – the Bluebird Formula E – which they hope to race in the FIA Formula E Series.

As the Official Timing Partner, Christopher Ward will confirm the record attempts, and it even has plans to create new limited edition watches which will contain pieces of the winning cars and boats.

The co-founder of the British watchmaker, Chris Ward, said: “We have already created many motor racing and aviation watches and we also create bespoke watches for RAF squadrons – so we’re used to working with people who travel at extremely high speeds. Celebrating the heritage and achievement of such an iconic British brand, as well as a remarkable family, is an absolute privilege.”

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