RJC certifies Christian Dior

These standards have been long established by the RJC’s Member Certification System to reinforce consumer and stakeholder confidence in diamond, gold and platinum metals jewellery products.

RJC’s chief executive officer Michael Rae said: “RJC warmly congratulates Christian Dior Couture on its certification. The successful verification assessment was conducted by Camille Querleu from SGS, one of the independent third-party auditing firms accredited to the RJC’s Member Certification system.”

CEO of Christian Dior Couture Sidney Toledano said: “Human and environmental issues are intrinsically part of Christian Dior Couture’s history, and today the RJC confirms our commitment towards these convictions. There is no other wish for Christian Dior Couture but making our client feel wonderfully unique with fine and high jewellery pieces that tell a true and authentic story, that have been shaped with passion and have preserved know-how talents, that have been sourced respecting human conditions.”

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