Design expo role for WB the Creative Jewellery Group

The event, which is sponsored by Birmingham City Council, features a showcase of products from some 70 top Midland manufacturers, with many iconic companies such as Aston Martin cars and Dunlop tyres taking part. 

The Group will use the expo, which places particular emphasis on student involvement, to display designs from two of its companies, Domino and Weston Beamor.

Domino director Naomi Newton-Sherlock, who will be speaking at one of the event’s seminars, said: “We are proud to have been chosen to take part in this very worthwhile event. It used to be said in the city’s heyday, if something couldn’t be made in Birmingham it couldn’t be made at all. Today, despite moves to overseas production by many UK firms, I’m pleased to say that more and more businesses, like our own, are now finding that making things in Birmingham still makes strong commercial sense and has the added bonus of backing Britain.” 

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