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Winchester Watch Company launches crowdfunding campaign for first watch

British watch start-up Winchester Watch Company has launched a crowdfunding campaign in an effort to produce its first British-made quartz watch. 

The Winchester Watch Company is setting out to create the ‘Meridian’. The company said that the British-made watch will combine comfort, style and innovation at an “honest” price tag.

The Meridian is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign to raise £10,00, which will help the Winchester Watch Company to created its first limited production run – with only 250 of the timepieces being manufactured.

Steven Batchelor, founder of the Winchester Watch Company says, “England has a rich heritage of watchmaking. We are reimagining the art of making watches, and are passionate about bringing an exciting new product to the wrists of fashion-forward contemporary men.”


“We can’t do it without the help of Kickstarter supporters – who can pledge to back our campaign in return for a multitude of rewards, including their very own Meridian watch in a choice of three straps.”

He added that the company “firmly” believes it can bring watchmaking “back to the UK”, but only with the help of “generous and passionate” Kickstarter backers.

The company has so far received 11 backers and has been pledged £1,825 of its £10,000 target.

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