Apple Watches make up 52% of all smartwatch sales

The Apple Watch accounted for one in two of all smartwatch sales in 2015, according to a report from Juniper Research.

Apple, according to the report, now makes up 52% of the global market despite its line having only launched in April. This means it took the lead without completing a full year’s sales.

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The report said that the high volume is reflected by the number of apps available for each platform; in September 2015 Apple reported 10,000 apps available for the platform while Android Wear reported 4,000 apps in May 2015.

Importantly, the research noted that the reason consumers “are probably” buying the devices is because they “like technology, rather than for any other reason,” which means that smartwatch demand may not be affecting traditional watch sales.

Meanwhile, Juniper said that nearly 30% of those not looking to buy a wearables (either a smartwatch or fitness band) in the next six months, said it was because they didn’t think they would use the device, while around 50% of those not looking to buy said that they do not want to pay more than $99 (£70).

On average even those inclined to purchase do not want to pay more than $175 (£124). The report said that the current price and limited functions are deterring those who might consider buying a wearable.

In the report, analyst and author James Moar writes: “With the release of the Apple Watch, the smartwatch category has become the most visible manifestation of wearable technology.

“Apple’s entry, and its price point, has signalled that luxury brands and smartwatches can mix, with a range of watch brands also producing smartwatches – with varying degrees of ‘smart’ functionality.”

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