Amazon launches marketplace for handcrafted artisanal products

Amazon has announced the launch of ‘Handmade at Amazon’ in the UK, a new marketplace featuring thousands of handcrafted products from artisan designers.

Handmade at Amazon will feature more than 30,000 products handcrafted by some 1,000 artisans across 10 categories, including jewellery, home decor, artwork, kitchen, dining and furniture, with a third of the items being available for personalisation.

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Each artisan will be able to create a profile page with a unique URL, where they are able share their story with imagery and describe how they make their items.

Simon Johnson, director of seller services, said: “By being part of Handmade at Amazon, artisans can be discovered by millions of Amazon customers while having the freedom to do what they do best – create unique, handcrafted products.

“Knowing that an item has a unique story behind it and is genuinely handcrafted creates a personal experience for customers and makes owning handmade items extra special.”

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