Pirate Jack Sparrow’s jewellery ‘valued’ at £225,000 by F Hinds

The jewels of fictional pirate Captain Jack Sparrow have been valued by an expert ahead of the release of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Jewellers F.Hinds worked out that the swashbuckler’s ring collection alone was worth £19,000, but his most expensive piece is his stolen crown, which F Hinds estimates is worth £200,000.

Altogether, Sparrow had a collection worth an impressive £224,615. This did not include the Treasure of Cortés, a collection of 882 Aztec gold coins, which was valued at over £3m.

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Steve Mellows, e-commerce manager at F Hinds, said: “Treasure almost seems to be the first thing people think of when it comes to pirates. With Jack Sparrow, it’s no exception.

“He’s often deemed as the worst pirate anyone has heard of, but owning a £200,000 crown he is quite possibly one of the wealthiest.

“It will be interesting to see what happens in the next film, he’s managed to fight off the likes of Barbosa and Davy Jones so far, perhaps he might add to his already extensive loot.”

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