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Feder Jewellery

Jewellery brand for “professional women” launches online

A jewellery line which promises to offer “functional” fine jewellery to “professional women” has launched online.

Family-run Feder Jewellery creates handmade pieces to match women’s wardrobe essentials, making the jewellery buying process easier. Inspired by his wife, CEO Ben Feder structures his creations around the clothes that professional women wear on a daily basis.

Prices start at over £1000 and each personalised piece of jewellery has a delivery time of two to four weeks. Feder describes its process as a contrast to the “fast fashion” jewellery brands.

Ben Feder, CEO, said: “For a lot of women buying jewellery is a very special and considered experience. It’s the ultimate investment piece. You can’t rush that, you can only help them make the right decision so they get the most out of their investment.”

Feder and his wife are the fourth generation to run the “mom-and-pop” brand which has been going since 1919. Feder’s decision to focus the brand on women’s jewellery comes from the belief that there are no longer any “trusted jewellers” to guide women in buying pieces.

He added: “I decided that Feder jewellery needed to become that person.”

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