House of Alyssa launches collection with ​​The Shard

The jewellery collection of miniature jewellery comprises precious metals, and it follows the concept of viewing the London skyline.

The House of Alyssa has released a new jewellery collection, ‘The Top of The Shard’, in a partnership between British jeweller, Alyssa Smith, and The Shard.

The collection features the sights that can be witnessed at the top of The Shard, including a miniature silver double decker bus with spinning wheels, a small London cab with opening doors, a ‘With Love from London’ opening envelope, a mini replica of The Shard itself, the London skyline and an urban fox.

The element of “play” features heavily in this collection from Smith, who believes jewellery should be seen as “wearable art” and should tell a story.

Alyssa Smith, founder of Alyssa Smith Jewellery and House of Alyssa Smith, said: “I wanted our London collection to reflect everything I love about the sights of London. Each piece means so much to me and spent many months in design and development before we signed each special masterpiece off. 

“London is all about the finer details, from the sights of our wonderful landmarks, black cabs, buses and beloved Union Jack to the smells of the city such as freshly ground coffee and the London underground.”

She added: “This collection not only needed to symbolise everything we love about London as a world, but I wanted to make sure that attention to detail was the main priority and I am so pleased we have managed to bring this dream to life.”

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