Domino expands to Far Eastern market

Domino jewellery has recently dispatched £500,000 worth of British-made gold and platinum, semi-set jewellery and diamond ring mounts to new customers in Australia, Japan and Taiwan.

The orders are the result of a sales trip made earlier this year by the company’s sales and marketing director, Andrew Sollitt and overseas sales coordinator, Emma Darnell.

The company has also recently invested in training a number of diamond micro-setters in Birmingham to allow its design team to introduce more unique designs incorporating decorative small stones.

Patrick Fuller, chairman of Domino, said: “We were absolutely delighted with the interest which our products generated during this trip and are now reaping the rewards.

“It is extremely gratifying to be able to sell British-made product to the Far East, which some might think is a bit like selling coals to Newcastle; however we have found that our company’s long expertise in the production of platinum and 18 carat gold and the high-quality of our designs is very much appreciated by overseas buyers.”

He added: “We are optimistic that this is just the start in terms of developing further overseas business for the company.”

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