Holts Gems founder Robert Holt dies at 94

Founder of Holts Gems and father of Jason Holt, passed away whilst on holiday in Lanzarote with his family five days from his 95th birthday

The founder and a director of Holts Gems, Robert Holt, has passed away aged 95 while holidaying with family.

The eponymous fine jewellery store was established in 1948 by Holt when he was a pre-war Jewish refugee from Vienna.

A spokesperson said: “On 11th January, Mr Robert Acker Holt, founder of Holts Gems and oldest surviving member of the London Diamond Bourse has passed away.

“He was an inspiration to all who knew him. His charming loving nature and quiet humour made him one of the most respected members of the jewellery trade.

“He was a loving and dedicated family man to his wife Dorothy, two sons Jason and Stuart and five grandchildren. Whilst reaching a grand age, Mr Holt never grew old. He was young until the final moment.

“We thank all our customers, colleagues and friends for the warmth and loyalty you showed Mr Holt over so many of his 70 years in business.”

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