Blossom Copenhagen launches new collection

Blossom Copenhagen only use sterling silver, 9, 14 and 18ct gold combined with special selected precious and semiprecious gemstones

Blossom Copenhagen has released a new jewellery collection based on designer Christina Elbro and her husband Holger Elbro’s perception of life.

Christina ElbroI said: “I am a true romantic and I design jewellery for women who love a feminine touch. My favourite symbol is the heart, and that is the focal point of the entire collection.”

The collection is in line with the classical Danish jewellery tradition, where the designer and craftsman work closely together. The jewellery designs of Blossom Copenhagen are all drafted by hand, and then handmade using traditional goldsmith techniques. The end result is clearly visible in the organic and personal expression.

The jewellery is designed with “a great zest for life”, and there is a connection between patterns and shapes for all designs. Blossom Copenhagen only use sterling silver, 9, 14 and 18ct gold combined with beautiful special selected precious – and semiprecious gemstones.

Christina and Holger Elbro said: “The purpose of the collection is to make it a joy to wear the jewellery from Blossom Copenhagen, and all women around the world should feel beautiful and confident when looking at our jewellery show your love, and let it Blossom.“It is our clear intention to enable the choice of personal additions such as wearing the same pendant on a bracelet or in a chain. So we are proud to present a collection where the focus is on the individual expression and where a woman truly shows her feminine sides.”

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