Diamnet expands database with help of ‘Artificial Intelligence’

Diamnet has announced an update to its trading platform, which aims to connect retailers to dealers and manufacturers within the jewellery sector.

Launched in 2018 by Howard Levine, former managing director of Chalfen of London, the platform provides retailers with a database of diamonds from suppliers around the world.

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Levine claims that an update to the platform, with the use of ‘artificial intelligence’, has allowed the site to become more accessible to lesser-known dealers, expanding the portfolio of diamonds in the site’s database.  

Levine said: “In our quest to connect retailers to more and more available diamonds in the UK, we noticed that there are a wealth of amazingly competitive diamonds held by smaller diamond dealers. 

“Many do not have dedicated software to manage their stock and definitely do not have a website. This means that these diamonds remain invisible to most retailers around the country.”

He added: “In order to bring you these diamonds, we had to develop our own ‘Artificial Intelligence’ that lets us read and decipher the information we need, from almost any format. 

“This has enabled all dealers to upload their stock to Diamnet with little or no effort at all.” 

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