Sif Jakobs launches new collection

Sif Jakobs has announced the launch of its new Spring 2020 collection.

The new collection, entitled Portofino, features a mix of “classic” styles inspired by medallions. The new pieces feature charms and pendants in silver and gold plated silver with the addition of zirconia stones. 

It also features small pendant hoop earrings that are “inspired by the half moon”, as well as necklaces and earrings with smaller charms and “symbolic references”.

The collection is inspired by “celebrating the light and letting out your inner sparkle”.

Sif Jakobs said: “I’ve always been fascinated by the moon and its exalted magic. I was born and raised in Iceland where the night sky is almost always clear and the moon has a very special status. 

“I have spent hours studying the moon and have always been impressed with its myriad forms, phases, shadows and its eternal transformation.” 

She added: “You can become completely absorbed by the moon and overwhelmed by the light projected from the moon and sky when it is completely sharp.

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