William May reveals most popular engagement rings

Vintage jeweller William May has revealed the five most popular engagement ring trends following online research conducted by the jeweller.

For the research, the jewellers analysed 1,000 Instagram posts which included the hashtag #engaged to discover the biggest engagement ring trends at the start of the year.  

The data analysis examined various criteria, including the ring’s metal type, cut, colour, carat size and setting.

Its findings revealed that “simple, timeless” styles were generally the most popular, with 69% of rings typically made from white gold or platinum, set with a classic solitaire diamond, and sized between 0.5 – 1.00 carats.

Some 50% of rings were a “simple and timeless round diamond engagement ring”, while cluster type engagement rings, which contain several smaller stones, were also a popular choice. 

Oval and princess cuts were also among the most popular choices, as well as trilogy rings. The jewellers said that trilogy rings were a “favourite for many around the world as the trilogy rings three centre stones symbolise the past, present and future”.

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