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The Goldsmith’s Company announces contingency plans

The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office has said it will do its “utmost” to remain open amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

At the present moment, the group said it envisages two contingencies that may result in its closure: a staff member contracting the virus or a nationwide lockdown. 

It is now asking customers to not send work into Assay if the items have come into contact with anyone who has, or is showing symptoms of, coronavirus. The company will also switch to card-only payments as a precautionary measure. 

It said that its staff members are at high risk due to the “numerous” packets transferred to the office every day. 

In a statement, the group said: “We operate out of three sites: Goldsmiths’ Hall, Greville Street and Heathrow. This will allow us to continue functioning, at a limited capacity, if one or more of our sites are forced to shut.

“If this happens, there will be a suspension of premium services and money back guarantees. In the case of Goldsmiths’ Hall and Greville Street shutting down, packets will need to be sent to the Hall and will be delivered to Heathrow.” 

It added “In the eventuality of a nationwide lockdown, all Assay Office services will be suspended. We understand the strain this may place on your business and will do all we can to return to work when it is deemed safe.”

Please consider that response times may soon be affected, and delays will most likely go into effect.  This is an ever-changing situation and service levels may be impacted in coming days.”  

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