Oroarezzo show moved to July amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) has decided to move Oroarezzo 2020 (OA) to July and said it is working to “guarantee” customers, visitors, partners and its own workers, with the highest safety standards.

OA 2020 will be held from 18  to 21 July in the Arezzo Expo Centre with a “proactive listening approach” on the part of IEG and a “punctual response” to sector companies that have been at a standstill for weeks due to the health crisis.

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IEG said companies that are the country’s “economic pride” and which need to meet customers and international retailers in order to resume production and engage the market’s summer period.

It said it is also aware that the current circumstances may not allow international buyers to come to Tuscany, and is also planning an “omni-channel” edition of OA to maximize meeting opportunities regardless.

Moreover, the Business Meeting platform, which IEG has been using for more than 10 years to the excellent satisfaction of customers for exhibitor-buyer matching, will also be implemented for OA 2020.

A statement by IEG read: “Significant integrations developed specifically for OA 2020 are now being finalized for this global networking tool, which, for example, will allow video conference meetings to take place with buyers at each stand.

“Buyers will therefore be in ideal conditions for respecting their confirmed meeting agendas whether physically at Arezzo or connected on-line through the I-MOP platform: IEG Meeting Omnichannel Platform.”

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