Christie’s launches online selling exhibition

Christie’s has announced the launch of an online selling exhibition of jewellery in partnership with Didier Ltd, a London-based gallery that specialises in twentieth-century artist-designed jewellery.

The Art to Wear exhibition will feature “miniature artistic expressions” by leading 20th Century artists. 

The featured works from Salvador Dalí, Claude Lalanne, Georges Braque, and Alexander Calder were artistic pieces designed to be worn as jewellery pieces, and the exhibition will explore the creative process behind them with photographs, sketches and texts. 

The exhibition will feature 17 objects that span across several eras and “channel art, innovation and technique to create luxurious and bespoke expressions suitable for daily wear”. 

The exhibition will also work to underline the cultural and art historical contexts of every object featured.

Christie’s said: “Art to Wear encourages viewers to explore a piece of jewellery not just as an expression of its materiality but as an extension of an artist’s oeuvre, a site of experimentation and artistic freedom.”

Works from the exhibition are available for immediate purchase with a price range of £20,000-150,000.

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