The Camden Watch Company to reopen flagship store

The Camden Watch Company has announced it will open its doors on 27 June with a soft reopening.  

Its flagship site will open on weekends with reduced hours, from 12pm until 5pm on both days.  The retailer will then slowly open on more days throughout July. 

The group said that whilst online sales have continued during lockdown, the shops are the “heart and soul of the brand”.   

Upon reopening, protective screens will surround the cashier counter, and hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the store. All staff will be wearing masks as well as gloves that will be changed throughout the day. 

Customers can only enter the store if they are wearing masks, and they must sanitise their hands before entering. 

UV sterilisers will also be used on all timepieces handled by customers. The sterilisers can reportedly kill 99% of viruses, bacteria and fungi in a short amount of time without harming the watches.

The store is situated in the Stables Market, a part of Camden Market Holdings, and only limited numbers of consumers will be allowed into the market. They must also follow a one-way traffic flow that has been implemented. 

Co-founder Anneke Short said: “It has been a difficult time for retailers, particularly independents.  We have been lucky to have continued sales online, but we are both excited and honestly nervous about getting the doors open to the store.  

“We have decided to take a slow approach by only opening on the weekends and will add more days as we see how foot traffic builds.” 

She added: “Jerome and I have been filling all the online orders while staff has been furloughed.  It is exciting to be safely getting back together with some of our team.”

Co-founder Jerome Robert said: “At this time we will only be opening our flagship store in Camden Stables Market and will look at our stores in Shoreditch and Greenwich in due time. 

“We want to get this right in our main store first, learning and improving what we do for our staff and our customers to ensure a safe shopping environment. We will regularly be deep cleaning the store, equipment, and fixtures. From there, we can slowly begin to raise the shutters on our other locations.”  

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