House of Garrard launches Aloria range

House of Garrad had launched its Aloria range inspired by one of the House’s “most legendary royal commissions.”

Uniting heritage cues with cutting-edge craftsmanship and design, Aloria celebrates Garrard’s setting of the Cullinan I in the Sovereign’s Sceptre in 1910.

The Aloria collection is the latest to join Garrard’s treasure trove of regally-inspired jewels, a fresh interpretation of an iconic design rooted in the brand’s heritage and handcrafted in the Garrard workshop. 

Sara Prentice, Garrard’s creative director said: “Garrard’s craftsmanship in Aloria is as innovative now as it was for the setting of the Cullinan I in 1910. The clean lines and simplicity of the design mask the complexity and detail that have gone into each piece”.

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