Lark and Berry introduces carbon neutral shipping

Lark and Berry has introduced carbon neutral shipping across its brand, in a move to further offset its carbon emissions.

The group currently plants trees for every purchase made, but now aims to become “one of the few” e-commerce brands to offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping. 

For every one of its items that is shipped, it will now balance the shipping process with a “positive environmental impact” through a new partnership with EcoCart. 

Every time a customer makes a purchase at Lark and Berry, the group will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, or ‘offsets’, through the EcoCart programme. 

The purchases will support environmental projects, such as wind and solar farms or protecting trees that would otherwise be cut down so that they can continue to absorb carbon from the air. 

The brand confirmed that the move will come “at no additional cost” to customers. 

In a statement, the brand said: “This achievement is the result of an effort to measure its global footprint in accordance with international certification standards, coupled with efforts to reach carbon neutrality.

“The full environmental impact of getting Lark & Berry products to customers’ doors is completely neutralised.”

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