Rise in ‘Golden Age’ Hollywood-inspired rings

Vintage diamond engagement rings worn in the ‘Golden Age’ of Hollywood are reportedly making a comeback, according to a Mayfair jeweller. 

Hancocks London, situated in Burlington Arcade, has reported an “unprecedented” interest in couples seeking engagement rings inspired by the starlets and style of the era.

The jewellers has charted its clients’ top inspirations for their ring design, including Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. 

Guy Burton, director at Hancocks, said that couples are rejecting Instagram influencers and popular celebrities, and are now more likely to cite original Hollywood trendsetters.

He said: “The stars of the silver screen, including Hepburn, always looked super sleek thanks, in part, to the sumptuous jewels they wore. Decades on, their style continues to captivate, with women around the world still being influenced by old Hollywood glamour.”

Burton added that old cuts are the “ultimate” in sustainability when it comes to diamonds, and were physically cut and polished by hand and eye by craftsmen who “understood the material and could extract the maximum amount of life and beauty from the diamond rough”.

He said that such cuts were not restricted by today’s commercial parameters of standard size, cut and need to maximise carat weight, adding that a “wonderful by-product of using these special stones is the fact that they are recycled and the most environmentally responsible source of diamonds”.

Burton said: “Sustainability is extremely important for today’s couples and we have created a new collection of engagement rings as a result. 

“The classic and elegant engagement rings from Hollywood in its heyday were really special. They oozed glamour and had a strong connection to the romance associated with the filmmaking industry, whether that was the romance between co-stars to the splendour of onscreen chemistry.”

He added: “Our customers really appreciate these classic yet glamorous designs and want a ring which can stand the test of time from a design perspective and also one that captures the remarkable gemstones, masterful craftsmanship and exceptional gemstones.”

Hancocks London prices range from £3,500 up to £295,000, and bespoke commissions can also be made upon request.

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