Le Vian launches geo-fencing tech

Le Vian has announced it is introducing an “innovative” geo-fencing technology this September, which will work to attract footfall to its independent jewellery retail partners.

The geo-fencing technology will target Le Vian collectors when they are within a specific radius of a participating independent store by sending them a pop-up digital advertisement on their smartphone. 

The advertisement will feature exclusive designs from Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamonds 20th anniversary Jubilee collection that are only available to purchase through independent jewelers.     

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It comes as the brand said that brick-and-mortar stores “often struggle” to generate foot traffic.

However, its latest technology will work to bring its jewellery range to a “broader, highly targeted audience”. 

In addition, Le Vian will provide participating retailers with exclusive marketing resources, including branded displays, packaging and marketing co-operation. 

Le Vian will allocate over 100,000 digital impressions to each participating independent store upon the purchase of pieces from its exclusive Jubilee range, as well as replenishments of other pieces. 

In addition, it will provide each store with 10 Le Vian branded purses, which will be gifted to the first 10 buyers who visit the store due to the geo-fencing campaign and purchase any piece from the Chocolate Diamonds anniversary collection.  

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