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NAJ pledges action on equality and diversity

The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) announced it has been consulting with individuals and businesses over the “feelings, experiences and behaviours” regarding equality and diversity within the jewellery trade. 

According to the association, committee representatives have also been “closely monitoring” events and have absorbed opinions” published on public platforms within the industry. 

Following this, the NAJ national committee has identified a set of initial immediate actions that can start to address the issue of equality and diversity. 

The group has now pledged to participate in and support research activities that help inform the issue of equality and diversity in industry, and improve equality and diversity guidance for members and the wider industry.

In addition, it will actively feature a wider demographic of jewellers in NAJ communications, publications and at events, and introduce a scheme delivered by the Federation’s Benevolent Society which specifically focuses on “breaking down barriers for BAME individuals entry into the jewellery industry”.

David Doyle, president of The NAJ said: “Ongoing dialogue is an important part of bringing about change here. We want to reassure the industry we are in this for as long as it takes to bring about positive change.

“As the association’s governing committee we’re determined to make progress in equality and diversity. We recognise that, like others, we have a lot to learn but also recognise that the Association is in a position that can help move things forward, both now and for the jewellery industry of the future.”

Gary Wroe, NAJ chair, said: “We recognise that the above actions are not exhaustive, but they do have our initial attention. 

“As well as these internal actions we will also work externally to support and champion partners and initiatives where equality and diversity participation and recognition is celebrated.” 

He added: “This means it is important we continue to consult and continue to monitor the jewellery community consistent with our approach in recent weeks.”

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