Second NAJ Live takes place

The second digital NAJ Live took place last week (27 August) with more than 100 attendees signing up to hear from Patricia Law FIRV, Lucy Cripps and Jill Newman under the theme of ‘trending’.

In the latest edition of the industry show, Jill Newman, editor at large for the Natural Diamond Council and its Style Collective Trend Report, discussed the latest trends from the Autumn issue.

One particular area of discussion focused on why diamond jewellery remains “meaningful to consumers during uncertain times”. 

Newman also discussed symbolic and sentimental jewellery, layered necklaces and gypsy set rings, as well as mismatched earrings and commitment and engagement rings featuring the east-west style.

In addition, NAJ Member Lucy Cripps explored the ways in which jewellers could “power up” their web search presence and take advantage of ‘trending’ on social media. 

She also explored basic language tips to create a “clear message” for both online sales and online research in a bid to drive customer enquiries.

In addition, Patricia Law, a fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuers, gave a keynote speech on some of the industry trends in the last 20 to 30 years, as well as their impact on the open and auction market.

Lindsey Straughton, industry ambassador and host of NAJ Live, said: “This was a real timely look into what jewellers should be exploring as we head to Christmas. 

“Jill’s illustrations as to how the trends are being applied to new collections was insightful, as was Lucy’s talk on copywriting for web, social and search.” 

She added: “Patricia too, as a Fellow of the Institute of Registered Valuer added enormous value to the session showing what a super resource for the industry the IRV are. 

“Thank you Jill, Lucy and Patricia for taking the time to prepare and present to members, and we’re already looking forward to the September issue with Kerry Gregory.”

The next NAJ Live will take place on 24 September, and will feature a keynote from Kerry Gregory ‘Modern Moissanite – What to look for now’.

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