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UK jewellery industry ‘confused’ by KP decision


Following a meeting in Kinshasa on the 1 November 2011, the KP agreed to allow the export of rough diamonds from two KP compliant operations in the Marange region. But as the ethics committee point out, since 2009 Marange diamonds have “consistently been refused KP accreditation owing to human rights abuses and alleged non-compliance with KP certification requirements.”


Michael Hoare of the National Association of Goldsmiths (NAG) said: “I had sincerely hoped that the Kinshasa meeting would counter retailers’ doubts once and for all so that they could pass on credible assurances to the public about the provenance of their diamonds. I fear that it has in fact generated a lot of heat but not a lot of light and failed to put their doubts to rest.”

The British Jewellers’ Association chief executive Simon Rainer added: “While Marange diamonds maybe now compliant to the KP scheme, they are not compliant with the moral and ethical standards that the majority of the world subscribes to.”


Image: NordNordWest

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