EW Payne makes royal presentation

The Queen’s visit to was made in preparation for the Diamond Jubilee, and resulted in Alastair Collier, MD of the family-owned jewellers, which was established in 1899, being invited to present a gift to Her Majesty on behalf of Bromley businesses.

A limited edition Halcyon Day carriage clock was chosen as the gift (number 60, in recognition of her 60-year reign), and Alastair’s second cousin, Alice Dyer (7), was on hand to help with the presentation.

Previous royal gift presentations for EW Payne include a limited edition goblet, given to HRH Prince Charles in 1977 by Alastair’s late father, Jim Collier, to commemorate the opening of the Churchill Theatre.

“Our team here at EW Payne was absolutely delighted to be chosen to personally present Her Majesty with a gift on this very special occasion. Our store was selected on behalf of Bromley – such an honour among so many other incredibly successful businesses in this part of the country,” said Alastair.

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