First national jeweller signs up to the Gold Standard

A voluntary code of conduct for the purchase of second hand precious metal and jewellery, the Gold Standard ensures all customers are treated fairly and makes it harder for thieves to sell stolen goods. Its aim is for the public to immediately recognise retailers who can prove they don’t deal in stolen goods.

The Gold Standard is endorsed by the Association of Chief Police, Trading Standards Institute, National Measurement Office, British Jewellers’ Association, National Pawnbrokers Association and National Association of Goldsmiths.

Chairman of the National Association of Goldsmiths Pravin Pattni commented: “The Gold Standard is a vital part of halting the worrying increase in thefts of Asian gold and the targeting of Asian households by burglars. By requiring the seller to prove full identity and the jeweller to keep comprehensive records [it] makes it far harder for criminals to sell stolen gold. It will also help the police identify thieves. We believe that the public will strongly support those companies who follow the highest ethical practices by only selling their gold and other precious metal at a Gold Standard retailer.”

F. Hinds director Andrew Hinds said: “Customers can be reassured that every one of our F. Hinds stores across England and Wales already met the requirements of the Gold Standard even before it was introduced.

“[The Gold Standard] makes it harder for criminals to profit from their crime and easier for stolen pieces to be recovered and returned. We hope this will help to lead to the disappearance of the market in stolen jewellery. Please use a Gold Standard retailer when selling your gold to help prevent crime.”

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