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NAJ presents honorary membership to Retail Jewellers of Ireland

The National Association of Jewellers (NAJ) has presented an honorary membership to the Retail Jewellers of Ireland (RJI).

The membership was presented to the association in recognition of the “close relationship” between the British and Irish jewellery industries.

The NAJ said it had “enjoyed a very cooperative working relationship especially in regards to education and training, ethics and standards and other industry issues”.


The membership was presented by the NAJ at the Retail Jewellers of Ireland 50th annual general meeting and anniversary gala dinner on Saturday, 2 April, held at Wicklow, Ireland.

Speaking at the event, Michael Rawlinson, CEO at the NAJ, said: “I am delighted to be able to present honorary membership to the RJI and say well done for serving your members so faithfully and professionally these past 50 years.

“I hope that the next 50 years will see a successful continuation of  the association. I look forward to working closely with the incoming President Richard Wehrly and Secretary Damian Duggan on matters of joint interest.”

He also congratulated the retiring president Alison Browne for her achievements during the past two years. He thanked Browne personally for the “encouragement” she has given him during her presidency.

Browne said: “the RJI value the great relationship they have with the NAJ and would be delighted to reciprocate this presentation by awarding honorary membership in return to the NAJ.

“Michael Rawlinson has been a great source of inspiration to me in my two years as president.  He has been a fresh pair of eyes and a safe pair of hands in guiding the jewellery industry through, what can be, very challenging times for retail.”

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