HB Antwerp launches Signum diamonds in the metaverse

Buyers can choose whether to retain the diamonds in their rough forms, or to have them forged into several smaller polished diamonds NFTs.

HB Antwerp has announced the release of Signum, the new rough diamond brand, into the Metaverse community of, NextDecade, with the launch of 12 diamond bunnies which sold out in under 3 minutes.

Each bunny is also depicted next to a high-carat rough diamond, from which owners can reap rewards in 2022 and beyond.

Buyers of the 12 diamond bunnies value the pieces via non fungible tokens (NFTs) and they will be able to keep, gift or sell their crypto-art form. In January 2022, each diamond bunny will then produce a new digital rough diamond NFT. 

Signum is an experiential diamond brand aimed at sustainability and having a “positive impact” on people in Africa through Signum’s economic and social investments in each diamond’s country of origin.

These high-carat rough diamonds NFTs will automatically enter the digital wallets of each of the twelve original buyers, who can choose whether to retain them in rough form, or to have them forged into several smaller polished diamonds NFTs.

Shai de Toledo, HB Antwerp co-founder, said: “With Signum, we bring a luxury experience that doesn’t exist today. We view diamonds as art, created in nature, shaped by creativity and innovation.

“Through the first-edition Signum and BunsLand NFTs, we are offering open-access into the world of rough diamonds, as we enter a new era in luxury goods.”

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