Fabergé expands Heritage Collection with new locket

The locket features a panda encased in an 18k yellow gold egg-shaped locket embellished with white diamonds and suspended on an 18k yellow gold chain

Fabergé has revealed it has expanded its Heritage collection with the launch of a new locket in honour of National Panda Day.

The panda locket is crafted from 18k yellow gold, coated in black and white lacquer and features black diamond eyes and golden paw prints.

Sitting on a green chrysoprase stone base and holding a piece of gold bamboo, the bear is encased in an 18k yellow gold egg-shaped locket, hand-painted with dark green enamel, and embellished with white diamonds, suspended on an 18k yellow gold chain.

Fabergé said the panda is a “significant and auspicious” creature in Chinese culture, symbolising peace, harmony and friendship.

The panda joins a collection of animals that are featured in the Heritage collection, including dog, ladybird, horse, tiger, frog, polar bear and penguin.

Fabergé said the collection “celebrates our love of surprise and wit”, and showcases “complex traditional” techniques, such as the art of guilloché enamelling and hand-engraving.

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