Alice Van Cal launches latest edition of Birthstone Collection

The 18K white gold lariat necklace features a moonstone at the centre

Alice Van Cal has launched its latest item in The Birthstone Collection, a reinvention of its new signature Anima necklace with a round central moonstone set in 18K white gold.

For The Birthstone Collection, every month of 2022 the designer will release a new piece or capsule collection will be launched featuring the birthstone of the month.

The 18K white gold lariat necklace features a moonstone at the centre. At the end of the drop chain sits a pendant set with 7 stones – diamond, aquamarine, yellow sapphire, amethyst, Iolite and blue sapphire.

The jeweller said: “Jewellery is the most personal and intimate item that one can wear and as such, people tend to attach meaning to it, helping them remember something or someone. In addition, each person is attracted to different colours, or feels a connection to specific gemstones which gives the jewellery they wear even more power and purpose.

“At Alice van Cal we fully embrace this spiritual role that jewellery can play in our lives and how it can help us be the best version of ourselves. Along with the general belief that birthstones bring good energy, we aim to widen our choice of ethically sourced gemstones so that our customers can find the perfect one for them and start their self-growth journey.”

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