All you need is Colpo & Zilio – the 100% handmade in Italy

Colpo & Zilio (, based in Vicenza for 50 years, is an Italian goldsmith company that produces bespoke jewels for the major jewelry brands worldwide. 

All the jewels are 100% Made in Italy, manufactured in the Italian laboratory where decades of experience are at the service of the most modern technologies.

Colpo & Zilio offers customised manufacturing to meet their clients’ needs without any MOQ, in addition to over 6,000 models currently in production and numerous innovative products.

18k, 14k, 9k and any other gold titles, as well as silver, platinum and brass are only few of the possible options among the many offered.


From the designing of the prototypes to the development of new products, the R&D department constantly generates new ideas that combine beauty and feasibility in each individual piece. Their know-how, creativity and experience are at complete disposal for the creation, development and production of your own brand exactly as you have imagined it.

The Colpo & Zilio staff can guide you through a careful study of your market objectives, optimising production processes to obtain the best quality/price ratio. This allows to personalise every detail to realise unique pieces, specifically for your boutiques and your clients.

The use of innovative and modern technologies (CNC machines, latest-generation lasers, wax and resin printers, and many others) guarantee the highest quality in every single piece.

Female-led company sensitive to the future of the environment and new generations

Colpo & Zilio is a female-run company, where many nationalities come together to create a 100% Italian production with an international flavour. The Italian company is environmentally aware and sensitive to the use of new eco-sustainable technologies, with an eye always on the future of the new generations.

As a proof of this, Colpo & Zilio has also developed the world’s first collection entirely conceived with the aid of Artificial Intelligence, which was stimulated to hypothesise what the future will be like, what will be the most important elements to be considered, also in the aesthetics and meaning of jewellery. A great focus emerged on the themes of sustainability, the importance of water as a precious asset of the planet, the value of recycling and ecology, and the conscious use of raw materials.

The finished products will be unveiled to the public this autumn; there are also plans to create limited and customised editions of these jewels, with the intention of auctioning off the first original creations for charitable purposes.

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