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Connoisseurs testimonials

Amy – David Mellor

“Nothing sells a product better than a salesperson that really believes in what they’re selling. This is something that comes naturally when marketing Connoisseurs merchandise to a customer, as they are fantastic and effective products. We have never sold so much Jewellery Cleaner in our 40 years of trading and we feel this is down to the POS for Connoisseurs and the products themselves.”

Sian – Lance James

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“We thoroughly enjoy selling Connoisseurs fabulous products to our customers. They are brilliant products that really work and are an easy add-on sale after a full re-vamp in our onsite workshop. Our favorite products are the Jewellery wipes and the Diamond Dazzle Stik, and judging by how many we sell, I’d say our customers agree.”

Emma – L Guess

“Since discovering the Connoisseurs cleaning products at our annual visit to the trade fair, it quickly became apparent how superior the Connoisseurs range is – In particular their Diamond Dazzle Stik.”

“Being in the jewellery trade we find that by demonstrating these products to our customers it allows them to see first hand how brilliant they are in action, before and after. We feel that our sales are a testament to this. An amazing product, 10/10.”

Jess – Bourne End

“The Diamond Dazzle Stik is a great add-on when selling an engagement ring.”

“We’ve found that the Sonic Dazzle Stik has been very popular with customers looking for an all-round cleaning product they can use at home.”

“I love that there’s finally a product that I can use to clean my pearls.”

“I travel a lot so I can take the diamond dazzle stik in my carry-on and not worry.”

“The Jewellery Wipes are brilliant at gently cleaning my grandma’s locket which is really sentimental.”

Mark – Johnsons Jewellers

“The Connoisseur product gave my diamonds a real ‘wow’ factor.”

“It was great to find a jewellery cleaner that was suitable for my pearls and emeralds”

“The dazzle stick fits perfectly into my handbag – I just have to make sure I don’t put it on my lips.”

“In-store, we have dealt with numerous cleaning products but Connoisseurs gives by far the best results.”

“Selling the products as beauty treatments for jewellery makes the products extra special.”

“Wow, what a product – I bought a few products as a stocking-filler at Christmas for my wife – she was so impressed, it saved me a load in not buying a new ring. Thank you.”

Judith – Judith Hart

“Our recent Celebration Event saw the Connoisseurs stand as the busiest in the show.  It was a complete sell out across the entire product range from Dazzle sticks to the top of the range Ultra Sonic cleaning kits.

“At £9.99 the Dazzle sticks are a perfect add-on to every sale and we occasionally offer them

as a free gift when a couple buy any higher priced diamond product. Definitely recommend for every jeweller to consider as part of their product range.”

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