Tresor Paris acquires London jewellery brand Phiiish

The brand was created by two brothers who come from a family that has been in the jewellery industry for over 50 years

The jewellery brand Tresor Paris has acquired Phiiish, a London-based jewellery brand created by brothers Dean and Adam Greenfield.

The Greenfield brothers, whose family boasts more than 50 years in the jewellery trade, had launched the brand in 2014.

Before Tresor Paris’ acquisition, Dean worked as the lead designer and innovator of the jewellery brand while Adam worked as the brand developer.

Dean, who created the fish bracelet design, will remain lead designer in the upcoming collection despite the acquisition. He will work alongside Tresor Paris’ creative director Lilian Lousky to launch the new collection next month.

Lousky said: ”When we first met with the brothers, their passion and vision for the brand was infectious. So we decided to acquire the Phiiish range, marketing it as a brand within Tresor Paris with some modifications and further developments in line with customers’ demand and tastes.

“The exciting reinvigorated line will be launching ahead of International Jewellery London and London Fashion week, making it available to Tresor Paris fans and stockists.”

Adam added: “Dean’s Phiiish design has many interesting features, including its adjustable stoppers, changeable natural stones, birthstone colours and also a distinct fishtail tag which acts as a safety chain.

”But as a new brand to the market, it sometimes felt like an uphill struggle – or in our case an upstream struggle – to build momentum, with many retailers preferring to play it safe with the more established brands.”

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