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Company Q&A: Tresor Paris

We hear from Tresor Paris to learn more about the Jewellery brand

Give us some general background about Tresor Paris

Anyone who wants to own a truly unique and spectacular piece of jewellery will have heard of Tresor Paris, the luxury jewellery experts who specialise in fine diamond jewellery.

Defined by luxury and elegance, the award-winning jeweller offers a vast collection of exquisite diamond and crystal pieces. It has gained a reputation for designing timeless jewellery in both classic and contemporary settings. Boasting expertise from decades working in the jewellery business, Tresor Paris ensures that fine quality is at the heart of every piece in every collection.

Explain the concept behind your recently launched collections, Elixir and Butterfly


Elixir is an exciting and colourful collection which gives you the opportunity to customise and create your own unique look and mood. It is super vibrant with 12 colours which can symbolise the wearer’s birth month or any significant event or milestone in their life.

The Butterfly collection is characterised by the natural gemstones, utilising rose and blue quartz with white topaz and labradorite to add sparkle. It’s a luxury collection with unique stand out pieces.

What was the inspiration behind the collections?

The Butterfly collection was inspired by the calm transformation that a butterfly goes through to reach its final graceful look.

The Elixir collection was inspired by colours and potions, which reflects moods and the nature of our versatile society.

How do you usually inspire yourself when designing pieces?

There are many things that inspire us with our collections, for me it is finding a common modern ground to bring different generations together, whilst maintaining the elegance and craftsmanship of all our creations.

How do the new collections stand out from your previous offerings?

These collections offer more versatility, personalising and creating one’s own unique identity through wearing different pieces of jewellery.

Who do you aim to sell to with these collections?

Our research shows the majority of our fans for the fashion collections are aged between 20+. However the Elixir collection has shown a great interest from the younger generations as well.

You’ve been in the industry for 30 years, how have you kept up with the change in trends?

Through a huge following on our social media, we monitor what our fans are asking for and work on ideas around their preferences.

How has your brand changed overall in that time?

Our fashion collections have evolved to meet clients’ demands, whilst we still maintain our diamond and fine jewellery for our regular client base.

Has your customer base changed?

Yes, where we used to cater for slightly more mature clients with a higher disposable income, we now have more affordable collections and hence provide a large choice for all ages.

What direction are you looking to go in with future collections?

We evolve around our fans demands, so we will have to wait and see.

What is the three-year plan for the company?

Our stockists currently are mainly in the UK, with a few overseas, we are hoping to expand the global business in the fashion and the fine jewellery.

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