Alrosa extracts largest yellow rough diamond this year

Following an assessment of the diamond the color of the stone has been defined as ‘Fancy Intense Yellow’

Diamond mining company Alrosa has extracted the largest 28.59-carat rough yellow diamond since the beginning of 2018.

The diamond was discovered at Ebelyakhplacer deposit in July and has dimensions of 11.40 x 19.00 x 17.50 mm, with insignificant colorless inclusions on the surface.

Evgeny Agureev, director of united selling at Alroas, said: “The extracted stone is our new unique discovery. Fancy colors are very rare in nature. This stone is also unique, because nature seemed to have prepared it for cutting and in advance gave it a pear-like shape.

“United Selling Organization of ALROSA and the company’s cutting division have yet to study the diamond and decide whether to auction it as a rough or to cut it into polished diamond. However, even now one can say this is a worthy specimen for replenishing our collection of colored diamonds.”

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