Carat* Jewellery: How it’s made

We ask Carat* London to give us a walkthrough of how their jewellery is created, from the first sketches on a piece of paper to the finished, polished and packaged article. Here is what they told us



The first step in designing a piece of jewellery is finding inspiration. This starts by looking at the market and analysing our customers’ needs and preferences.

Inspiration also comes from travelling and seeing new places, visiting museums and taking pictures, as well as looking at fashion shows or magazines. Once we have our research and images gathered, we internally brainstorm and group them by similarities.




After a careful selection of the most interesting groups of concepts, shapes and colours, our sketching process starts and brand new ideas and designs are created. Drawing by hand is an important phase as we try to push our imagination further and to use our creativity to interpret different concepts, with a special consideration for our customers’ needs. We work on developing collections, but only few of them will be selected.

From Art to Craft



Once ideas and sketches are confirmed, we translate them into technical drawings in order to present them to our engineers and check the feasibility of each project. One step at a time, we create the samples, test them carefully and improve the designs.




Only the most refined samples are selected to go to the next step. Choosing the appropriate stone colours and metal colours for each piece is a long process as we aim for the perfect finishing for each piece. We work on the samples until we are pleased with the final product. Shortly after, they will be produced and ready to be sold in boutiques.

Presentation and marketing



These are just as important as producing a high-quality product. All our collections have a story behind them and we bear this in mind when shooting and styling our pieces: our creative designer and photographer are always communicating in order to be aligned when producing visual content. We love showing our customers how to mix-and-match different pieces and styles through our social media platforms, allowing us to be constantly in contact with our audience and to better understand what is appreciated.

This article first appeared in the December 2015 issue of Jewellery Focus

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