Gemporia partners with jewellery designer Rebecca Sellors

British TV jewellery channel, Gemporia, has partnered with British jewellery designer Rebecca Sellors of C.W Sellors to create an exclusive collection of Blue John jewellery.

Discovered nearly two thousand years ago, Blue John is a rare natural variety of Fluorite found exclusively on one hillside in the heart of the Peak District, Derbyshire. Early use of Blue John saw the gemstone fashioned into ornamental items which now feature within the collections of Buckingham Palace and Chatsworth House.

Sellors said she prides herself on “championing the unique British gemstone”, and believes that Blue John has “a lot to offer the jewellery world and uses the natural beauty of the gem to inspire her designs”.

Sellors said: “In a crowded world of gemstones and jewellery design, the popularity of established favourites such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires will always take centre stage, yet should you be prepared to delve a little deeper for gemstone discovery then you will find Blue John is quite a unique material, with a fantastic array of colours and patterns which are perfect for jewellery setting.”

Gemporia’s commercial director, Jake Thompson, added: “My career, and indeed my life, has been defined by travelling the world in pursuit of the rarest gemstones. However, I have always dreamed of sourcing that most elusive treasure, a British gem of truly world-class status.

“The Blue John collection is the realisation of that dream. In this collection we bring something that is British-mined, British-designed, and British-made. ‘National treasure’ is a phrase that is too often cast out there, but through our collaboration with Rebecca collectors have the opportunity to own our true national treasure.”

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